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Elizabeth A. Abbott

Senior Associate

Born and raised in Tacoma, Elizabeth graduated from the University of Southern California and Pepperdine School of Law. Her practice consists of defending motor vehicle accidents, premises liability cases and quiet title actions.

Elizabeth previously spent ten years with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office prosecuting all manners of felonies, including gang and sexual assaults.

  • Prosecutor of the Year California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, 1996
  • Successfully mediated traumatic brain injury case where claimant asserted the auto accident released repressed memories of sexual abuse.
  • Successfully argued a summary judgment case in Pierce County Superior court resulting in dismissal of case against auto dealership alleged to have used unfair sales practices.
  • Successfully resolved by summary judgment in Pierce County Superior Court dismissal of parents’ claim of injury against driver when she fell and fractured her leg after witnessing auto/pedestrian collision.
  • Successfully mediated a premises liability case involving an inmate claiming injury by electrocution in custodial facility.
  • Successfully stayed litigation in civil matter of defendant pending criminal proceedings for vehicular homicide with finding of not guilty by reason of mental defect.
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Washington Defense Trial Lawyers
  • USO
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