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Available Training 

We often provide training seminars to our clients and insurance professionals. We have a wide variety of seminars that include both basic introduction programs and in-depth studies on specific issues of law. We are also available at any time to informally address any specific legal question or concern you might have. Many of our programs are pre-approved by various states for insurance continuing education credits, and our seminars are always without charge.

Below is a sampling of some of our past training. However, this is not an all-encompassing list and we can prepare an individualized program on nearly any subject involving Washington and Oregon law, litigation practices, risk management or safety/accident prevention.

  • Accident Investigation and Preservation of Evidence
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Safety Planning and Accident Prevention
  • Contractual Risk Transfer and Indemnity Best Practices
  • Washington Claims Handling Regulations
  • Consent Judgments in Washington
  • Bad Faith Claims in Washington
  • The Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA)
  • The Washington Condominium Act
  • Recent Developments in Washington and Oregon law
  • How to use Video to Prepare, Evaluate and Win cases
  • Basic deposition preparation for witnesses
  • Deposition Preparation for Managers and other supervisory witnesses
  • Defending Brain Injury cases
  • Negotiation Techniques and Practices
  • The “Cedell” decision
  • The Washington Duty to Defend
  • Trends in professional liability and best practices
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Effective Use of Surveillance
  • Environmental Law Updates for Washington and Oregon
  • Washington law on UIM and PIP
  • Ethics and Risk Management for Washington lawyers
  • Washington’s “Efficient Proximate Cause” Rule
  • Defending “Wind-Driven” Rain Claims

We are happy to come to your location to conduct training for your personnel and/or claims professionals. If you prefer, we can also conduct training remotely. Please contact any one of our shareholders to discuss your training goals so that we may jointly plan a session that meets your needs.